Why Karisma Dance Company?

Technique: At KDC we train our dancers to become the dancers their bodies will allow them to be. Knowledge on various dance forms are taught and studied as well as correct terminology and focus on the basics. We encourage our dancers to push themselves to become the best dancers they can be.


Stage Performance: At KDC we bring the character and emotion out of each dancer. We teach them to connect with each other, to connect to the music and to experience the feelings that each dance brings to their soul. We provide goofy, somber, sassy styles and choreography to all ages as we believe each dancer and company can perform outside their comfort zone and be different.


Competitions:  We teach our students to compete in a healthy manner and to respect those who we are competing against. We provide a non-confrontational environment and proceed to use only positive, encouraging and helpful critiques. We believe strongly in the motto- treat others the way you want to be treated. We welcome those who have many years of competition experience or no competition experience.


Role Models: We expect each KDC dancer to bond and communicate with other dancers from different companies, teams, studios, schools and competitions. We support each dancer’s strengths and flaws and encourage our dancers to bring both to the dance floor in hopes they will recognize their faults and utilize their abilities.  We encourage each dancer to believe in themselves and believe in one another. We expect each dancer to be responsible, kind and true to themselves in hopes these qualities will shine out through their dancing.

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